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Mutual Association for the Suppression of Horse Stealing: 1819

HorseStealing2An interesting archived constitution of by-laws for the Mutual Association for the Suppression of Horse Stealing circa 1819.

The articles read:

Article 1. This association, shall be known and distinguished by the name of the Mutual Association for the suppression of Horse Stealing.

Article 2. The Officers of this Association shall consist of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee of Vigilance, to consist of six and a Board of Accounts to consist of three persons, who shall be elected annually by Ballot.

Article 3. The duty of the President shall be to preside over the Association, at their meetings and further to do all such acts, as by the Constitution and Bye Laws of this Association, he may be required to do and on all questions, arising at said meetings, he sall have a casting vote, and no other.

Article 4. It shall be the duty of the Secretary, to keep an exact and regular journal of the proceedings of the association with the Treasury.

Throughout history, horse stealing has been an issue those affected or threatened have taken very seriously. While the punishment for these crimes has lessened dramatically through the years, we as horse owners continue to take the threat with just as much offense as horse owners of the past. While we may be limited as to what we can do as far as the law is concerned, we CAN take a stand together and make it as difficult for theives to succeed as possible.

Donna Norton, EQR Co-Founder, states, “I see posts about stolen livestock on Facebook everyday. It is so important to protect our animals.” Our strongest defense today is modern technology; networking. We feel our database will continue to provide the most sophisticated networking functionality available in the US today, we have spared no expense in it’s development and maintenance.  Our commitment to its longevity and expansion is tremendous and ongoing.  We are proud of this powerful tool we have introduced to the equine industry and how far we have come over the past year.

We have a great interest in having as many members register their horses as possible within our national database for the purpose of strengthening the equine community nationwide, making it more difficult for thieves to succeed, and easier to bring our horses home.

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lifetime-sample72We are celebrating summer by offering our LIFETIME REGISTRATION **FREE** with any new membership for as many horses as you register ($50.00 value for each horse!). Our “Lifeline for a Lifetime” assures your horse a registry in our national database for the duration of its life. The certificate is transferable to new owners, should you sell or re-home your horse at any time. The original purchasing member’s contact information remains linked to that horse for life (members are responsible for keeping information current through the years.  New owners may be listed with a lifetime registered horse.  Complete owner history and contact information is archived and retained for each horse.). Your lifeline horse may be tracked back to you at any time through its life as a person of interest in this horse’s well-being.

For a limited time, new members receive their Lifetime Certificate in their membership packets for each horse registered (photos and details must be completed in each horse’s profile within our database to generate the certificate). Certificates are printed on beautiful parchment paper suitable for framing and will make a valuable addition to your horse’s documents.  Each horse registered for a lifetime will remain in the EQR national database regardless if the original member maintains their annual dues, and regardless of how many times the registered horse changes ownership.

This LIFETIME CERTIFICATE is so important to us as a value to horses, adding security to their livelihood and a lifeline to be returned to a caring home, that any current member wishing to receive a Lifetime Certificate for their presently registered horses may request to have certificates generated for their registered horses at a nominal fee to cover the cost of shipping and printing.  Don’t delay, the weather could change at any time and this offer will end!


  1. Visit our website and choose a membership level which best suits your needs:
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Question: What’s the difference between a regular membership and a lifetime membership?

Answer: Regular memberships must be maintained by annual dues.  If a member has purchased a lifetime membership for a particular horse (or received one free with this offer), their horse’s profile and owner history will remain in our database regardless if the owner maintains their membership.  While the member may miss out on many member benefits, including the ability to add new horses, the lifeline horse will continue to be able to be tracked back to the original owner for its lifetime.

Lifetime Registration can only apply to the particular horse it was assigned to, though it is transferable to new owners.  Archived owners who are no longer members will not have a personal EQR member profile with their registered horses listed under them.  Only the lifeline horse will have a database entry, with owner contact information archived.  Lifetime Registration is only available for purchase by current members and their registered horses as a premium level of service.

Annual memberships pertain only to owners, with their registered horses listed under them in the database.  Members may also register trailers, store pertinent documents within each of their registered horse’s profiles, upload current photos at any time, access documents from any web enabled device, and receive discounts from our growing list of discount merchants, as well as other benefits.  Each member’s profile may serve as a ‘bank’ of important, crucial information, stored neatly according to the horse the information pertains to, easily accessed in the event of emergency, theft or disaster.

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