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Equine Quick Response Memberships

When becoming an Equine Quick Response (EQR) member, you will have several membership levels to choose from according to your needs.  The EQR membership database is set to launch February 2014.  We invite you to consider protecting your horses with an EQR membership and look forward to providing a valuable service to horse owners nationwide.

ANNUAL Owner Membership Levels
Registration fees are one time payments to register your horse(s) with EQR.  Annual memberships are to be paid once each year, renewable upon the anniversary of your initial registration date.

PARTNER / $19.95 registration fee
            $14.95 annual membership fee.  Limited membership for horses without a brand.

HOBBY / $59.95 registration fee
            $19.95 annual membership fee. 1 to 4 horses.

FARM / $79.95 registration fee
              $19.95 annual membership fee.  5 to 9 horses.

RANCH / $99.95 registration fee
              $19.95 annual membership fee.  10 to 24 horses.

REMUDA / Call for special pricing
             25+ horses

Photo 1: Closeup of your brand

Photo 1: Closeup of your brand

LIFETIME / $50.00 per horse
Current members are eligible to purchase a lifetime registration for their horses.  Lifetime registration enables protection after the sale even if your membership is not maintained.  When providing a horse with a Lifetime membership, previous owners, contacts or persons of interest who registered the horse are responsible for maintaining accurate and updated contact information within the EQR database.  Reminders will be provided annually.

Photo 2: Right side of your horses, all 4 legs showing

Photo 2: Right side of your horse, all 4 legs showing

In the event a horse is recovered by law enforcement, animal control, sale barns, etc., regardless of time passed,  any reports made to EQR regarding the at-risk status of  any registered horse, contact will be made initially to any current member owner registered, if any.  If that party is not interested or able to initiate rescue efforts in behalf of the EQR registered horse, or if there is no member owner registered, the party registered under the Lifetime membership will be notified immediately.

Photo 3: Left side of your horse, all 4 legs showing

Photo 3: Left side of your horse, all 4 legs showing

The LIFETIME Membership registration is significant to breeders or trainers who sell horses and include EQR Lifetime Membership Registration for their colts or sale horses, or any person needing to sell a horse they care about and wish to provide a permanent lifeline to.  Regardless of how many owners the horse may encounter during its lifetime, the breeder/trainer/previous owner will always be registered as a person of interest and contacted should any reports be filed on that horse.

When registering your horses with EQR, each horse will require three photos to be submitted for their profile.  These photos will be used to verify identity, or may be used in national alert blasts to assist in the recovery of lost or stolen horses.

When taking your photos, be sure lighting is good and your background not too busy so that your photos clearly depict your horse, its build and markings.  These are not sale photos, so do not be concerned with setting your horses up perfectly, the primary concern is a clear view of each side and all four legs so that socks, stockings, etc. can be easily seen.