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State Livestock Brand Agencies

Journey's End brand crafted by Pittsburg Foundry

Journey’s End brand crafted by Pittsburg Foundry

Equine Quick Response, LLC provides a valuable life-line between horses and their owners in the event of theft, loss, disasters or other emergency situations where horses may be separated from their owners. All branded livestock in our database can be easily tracked back to their registered owner or person of interest. It is crucial that our office work closely with law enforcement and state agencies regarding these processes. We also feel we have a responsibility to help inform our potential and existing members about the legal criterias associated with livestock branding, and encourage compliance with all state laws. While it is not our intention nor our place to police these policies, it is our duty to make the information about these processes available.

As an example, the state of Oklahoma does not require registration of livestock brands.  “State registration of your brand is not required by law.  Recorded brands,  however, take precedence over similar unrecorded brands when questions of ownership arise, placing the burden of proof on unregistered brand users in the event of controversy. Registered brands are prima facie evidence of ownership in a court of law.” Livestock Branding of Oklahoma Fact Sheet

In essence, while not registering your brand is permissible and within the laws of the state of Oklahoma, livestock owners who opt out of registering their brand cannot use their brand as evidence of ownership in a court of law, and in the case of disputes, the unregistered party will have the burden of proof over a registered party.  Additionally, should law enforcement attempt to identify livestock by an unregistered brand utilizing only the state brand book, there will be no record of ownership.  Horse owners who wish to obtain EQR brand registration in lieu of additional state registration will have a disadvantage over those who register with both the state and EQR with their membership.

Before branding, you will want to research the branding laws associated with your state of residence. In most states, your brand must be registered with the state prior to branding. Livestock owners are encouraged not to brand until their brand certificate has been issued. Not doing so may result in an infraction of laws of your state and could result in fines and/or jail time. This serves as a valuable protection to livestock owners, as a brand may potentially be used to verify ownership. When purchasing livestock already possessing a brand, check with your state about any necessary transfer, inspection or other requirements a new owner may need to fulfill. All these steps serve to help identify, verify ownership, and keep your livestock safe.

If your horse is not yet branded, you may still become an EQR member and register your horses.  As a convenience, EQR will provide you with brand registration forms necessary for your state should you opt to pursue such, and will also provide you with documentation of the legal requirements of registering with your state of residence.  Average fee for state brand registration is $20.00 and the process can take 2-3 weeks.

State Brand Registry Applications

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